Scorpio's Pizza

Have a taste for authentic Italian or an amazing PIZZA?
How about cooking from the old country, prepared and served in the old fashioned way!
With my mother’s careful eye watching over me, she taught me to make bread, pasta, meatballs, sauces and all the foods we serve at Scorpio’s as it has been done by my mothers family in Italy generation after generation.
Hi!  I’m Vincenzo Scorpio who, together with my parents Giuseppe and Maria Scorpio, opened our family restaurant Scorpios’s Italian Eatery in December, 2001. Our goal was simple, make it fresh just like they do in the Old Country! So, just like in my mama’s home, we made our own bread, then we made our own pasta, we grind locally grown roma tomatoes and make our sauce, but mama wouldn’t let me stop there.  We peeled and sliced the eggplant and dip it in Nonna Milanos' lite crispy batter a recipe that has REALLY been passed down for generations. Are the cheesecakes made here?  They sure are, as are all our desserts. As you visit our website, enjoy the pictures of my mama, papa, Nonno, Nonna, aunts and uncles in their home country, Italy.
At Scorpio’s we bring together families and friends who enjoy great Italian food.  You should see the proud smile on mama’s face when she sees you enjoying your meal.